Supporting diversity in the R community


Breakout session moderation in English. In the first part of the session, six panelists will provide the audience with their personal experience as useRs identifying as members of one or more groups that are either under- or over-represented in the R community. Issues that are specific to particular groups, as well as problems shared across groups, will be underlined in speakers’ personal experience reports. This panel discussion will provide the audience with a better understanding of the importance of inclusion and diversity acceptance as they nudge work productivity and well-being. In the second part, the audience will be asked to come out with its own ideas for solutions, to ask questions, and potentially raise previously unmentioned issues. This part of the session is expected to be highly interactive and it will be facilitated by chairs and moderators who will pick up the best remarks from the questioning platform. The aim of the breakout session is to provide an open, inclusive space of about 60 minutes in which everyone feels safe to share experiences and to raise questions. By opening the discussion to a broad spectrum of views and experiences, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of the important and complex challenge of inclusion and potential approaches at different scales. Forwards is the task force set up in 2015 by the R Foundation to address the inclusion of women in the R community, and, since 2017, people of all genders with (often intersecting) identities currently underrepresented in the R community such as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour; LGBTQ+ and Disabled.