About me and current projects

My latest news is that I am starting as an Adjunct Research Scientist at the National Research Council in Argentina (CONICET). I will work at the Instituto de Calculo, FCEN, UBA where I will lead a data science research group focusing on the extraction of knowledge from electronic medical records. My goal in this part of my career is to switch from paid-walled science to open science.

I am also a senior consultant for the Data Science Program at Fundacion Sadosky. My job there is to promote and further the development of Data Science in Argentina, where I live. My duties include designing and producing Data Science products for the public sector.

Teaching is another passion of mine. Most of my teaching is for graduate courses in introductory applied statistics for a health science audience. I recently became an instructor for The Carpentries and I am an instructor’s trainer in the making. I am looking forward to teaching my first Carpentries’ course.

I am active in the academic publishing world, where I am the creator and Associate Editor of AJDAA’s Methods for Addiction Research Section. Other ways I collaborate in research are by being a member of the Data Safety Monitoring Board at NIMH and an ad-hoc reviewer for RRD&D at the VA.

The open source community helped me endlessly throughout my career. My way to give back to it is by helping the R community grow in Latin America. I started by co-founding R-Ladies Buenos Aires, then I became the new chapters’ liaison for R-Ladies Global. I also co-created and chair LatinR <- Latin American Conference for the Use of R in Research + Development and co-founded R en Baires, a Buenos Aires R user group.

I try to be involved and help as much as possible in any project that adds transparency and openness to research. I am passionate about ways to improve data analysis teaching, too. One of the roles I enjoy most is to help and mentor others. My passions are potentiated when they can flourish in Latin America.

If you are interested in any of this, I will be happy to hear from and/or work with you. If in doubt, please reach out.

Laura Acion
Associate Researcher