About me and current projects

My latest news is that I am an Adjunct Research Scientist at the National Research Council in Argentina (CONICET). I work at the Instituto de Calculo, FCEN, UBA where I lead a data science research group focusing on the extraction of knowledge from electronic medical records. My goal in this part of my career is to switch from paid-walled science to open science.

Teaching is another passion of mine. Most of my teaching has been for graduate courses in introductory applied statistics for a health science audience. I recently became an instructor and a trainer for The Carpentries and taught my first Carpentries’ course.

I am active in the academic publishing world, where I am the creator and Associate Editor of AJDAA’s Methods for Addiction Research Section. Other ways I collaborate in research are by being a member of the Data Safety Monitoring Board at NIMH and an ad-hoc reviewer for RRD&D at the VA.

The open source community helped me endlessly throughout my career. My way to give back to it is by helping the R community grow in Latin America. I started by co-founding R-Ladies Buenos Aires and I am now part of the R-Ladies Global Leaderhsip Team. I also co-created and chair LatinR <- Latin American Conference for the Use of R in Research + Development and co-founded R en Baires, a Buenos Aires R user group.

I try to be involved and help as much as possible in any project that adds transparency and openness to research. I am passionate about ways to improve data analysis teaching, too. One of the roles I enjoy most is to help and mentor others. My passions are potentiated when they can flourish in Latin America.

If you are interested in any of this, I will be happy to hear from and/or work with you. If in doubt, please reach out.

Laura Acion
Associate Researcher