My Teaching

In this page you will find several teaching and teaching-related materials listed in descending order according to the class/workshop/demo date. Most of the materials are in Spanish.

Slides that include multiple-choice questions are student versions (i.e., without answers). Feel free to contact me for instructor versions.

Help yourself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Creative Commons License

Introduction to online teaching essentials

Starting at the end of March 2020 together with MetaDocencia's team, we taught this three-hour online workshop 26 times until today.

Tutorial para Unirse a una Clase en Google Classroom

Tutorial de 2017 para facilitarle a mis estudiantes el ingreso a un campus virtual simple y gratuito ( Facilmente adaptable para docentes.

Controversies around Statistics-Based Decision Making

This invited class has to parts. Part 1 presents my academic path. Part II goes over some of the latest developments around decision making from a statistical point of view.

Inference by Eye: How to Read Plots of Confidence Intervals

Mini class in English. With this mini class I became an instructor at DataCamp.

R Markdown Workshop

Workshop in Spanish. R Markdown

R for Data Science Workshop - Part I

Workshop in Spanish. R for Data Science - Part I